Legal disputes come in all shapes and sizes, and the law which applies to their resolution depends on the subject matter and also on the method of settlement.

The potential for complexity in legal disputes can, if not managed expertly, lead to excessive delay and high costs. Oakbridge Lawyers work in all areas of dispute resolution, always putting your best interests at the heart of everything we do. We work with both businesses and private individuals, offering clear and concise legal advice and support that is unique to them and their situation.

With us there to help and guide you, you can be assured that your legal dispute will be conducted as efficiently as possible and that your interests will be backed by expert legal support.

The type of dispute often indicates how best to approach resolving it.

Informal Negotiations

Sometimes, if it is handled sensitively and positions are not too entrenched, a dispute can be dealt with by a straightforward negotiation. This is normally so when the sums involved are not large.

In these cases the resolution may be as simple as making a legal agreement or varying a contract.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


ADR is the generic term for legal dispute resolution by any means other than formal litigation (going to court). The advantages of ADR are that it is normally quicker and cheaper than litigation. However, ADR is not a panacea: there will be occasions when litigation is a more sensible alternative.

Our team conducts alternative dispute resolution services including:

  • Mediation: the parties agree a solution themselves, guided by an expert mediator

  • Adjudication: a more formal process, the parties are bound by the independent third party’s decisions which can be enforced through the courts

  • Arbitration: similar to adjudication but addressing only a single issue, an independent expert assesses the dispute and reaches an enforceable decision    

  • Expert determination: resolving technical, rather than legal, issues, the decision of an independent expert may be legally binding where the parties agree

  • Less formal methods of negotiation: less structured discussion can often be effective, enabling parties to talk freely and reach a resolution themselves

Our Resolution packages are tailored to reduce your problems from day one. Dispute and conflict are a part of everyday life as we all have diverse views and opinions. When differing opinions grow, sometimes it results in the situation getting out of hand which may also have financial implications. Disputes can be both personal and commercial, and consequences of not resolving disputes can be severe. If you or your business has a conflict our dispute resolution package is for you.

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